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Diebold Nixdorf
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Diebold Nixdorf

WINCOR NIXDOF is the third-largest ATM manufacturer in the world. 

Its original encrypting PinPad partner is from French, which is expensive and slow in response. From the perspective of cost reduction, WINCOR turned to look for partners from the Asia-Pacific region. Justtide encrypting Pinpad passed the internationally authoritative PCI security certification earlier in 2009, and the XFS standard SP software can quickly and seamlessly adapt to manufacturers. The software and excellent technology have won the interest and initial trust of WINCOR. Model E6020 product was sent to Germany to accept a series of tests such as key life, temperature, etc., and it also passed the quality. 

Major international companies attach great importance to quality and quality stability. From the quality management system, factory production, to accessory suppliers, a series of stringent audits have been carried out on Justtide. After two years, it finally entered the supplier system of WINCOR. Justtide also paid great efforts in delivery time and after-sales maintenance won the delivery standards and requirements of WINCOR and obtained the excellent supplier qualification of WINCOR. 

WINCOR merged with DIEBOLD in 2017 to become DIEBOLD NIXDORF, but the good cooperative relationship in the past has continued and continues to be supplied.


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