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About Us

About Us

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---“Entrepreneurship must be ambitious”

Juliana Wu
Chairman of Justtide
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Company profile

Since its establishment in 2004, Justtide Technologies has committed itself to R & D, system integration, manufacturing, sales and technical service in the field of secure, mobile, self-service payment, providing cost-effective products and solutions such as ATM and Kiosk encrypting pin pad, mobile POS Terminal, ODM Kiosk, bluetooth thermal printer, barcode scanner and O2Osolutions in secure payment industry for gloabl market.Acquisition of such industrial standards as PCI & EMV not only demonstrates its possession of the key technologies of secure payment, but also paves the path for its products to enter into the international markets. 

50 % of its R & D employees have over 10 years experiences in financial payment industry and 1/3 of them are industrial experts.Meanwhile, obtained many reputations and recognitions, including Hi-tech Enterprise certificate, Software Enterprise certificate, and ISO90 01:2008 quality management certificate, Justtide is a preferred quality supplier of the high-tech products. With the leading security and encrypting technology, qualified products and professional services, Justtide has owned globally well-known customers, such as DieboldNixdorf, Hitachi, Hyosung, KAL,UnionPay, All In Pay, Tanzania bank.Our markets now are spreading over to over 80 foreign countries and regions though 17 years’ efforts,including America, Europe, Middle East, Africa,Asia. Our vision is:Anyway,Anywhere,Anytime,Make payment more secure, life more intelligent.

Background Story

I graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a major in computer software and an MBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. After graduating from university, I was assigned to work in a large state-owned enterprise, participated in the design, development and management of ICBC projects for many times, and grew from an ordinary engineer to a chief engineer. I led the team to complete the research and development of the ICBC IBM 4700 savings and corporate simulation system in one and a half years. The launch of the new system laid the foundation for the system architecture of domestic banks. With this project, I won the State Council Expert Allowance and the First Prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award. I also led the team to successfully introduce ATM cross-platform applications and the country's first ATM circulation machine into China.

Struggle Course

Inspired by the entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere in Shenzhen, in 2004, I started my entrepreneurial journey and founded Justtide brand, focusing on researching cutting-edge technologies in the field of security and payment, and determined to be a leader in payment security, and strive for it. I led the team to overcome many technical problems and successfully developed an independent innovative product Encrypting PIN pad, which was the first to pass PCI2.0 certification in the world. Through cooperation with related well-known companies in the industry, Justtide has grown into a world-renowned company in the field of secure payment. In 2014, the company took the lead in developing the world's leading smart terminal products for Android systems and won the "Golden Tripod Award" at the China International Finance Exhibition, bringing the entire secure payment industry to smart terminal applications.

As a technologist and as a woman, I deeply believe that leading technology is only for a better life. In 2019, the company opened up a new business sector: a better life. Committed to creating pan-female life products and ecological platforms, so that every woman who pursues the quality of life can enjoy the beauty of life. Leading women's beautiful, fashionable and healthy quality of life.

Social Responsibility

While achieving success in my career, I also did not forget to assume social responsibility. As the executive committee member of the Fifth/Sixth Shenzhen Women’s Federation, the vice president of Shenzhen Women Entrepreneurs Association,

and the vice president of Shenzhen Women and Children Development Research Association, Actively participate in various public welfare and charity social activities, promote regional economic development, and speak out for women's dignity, value, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Company Culture

Brand philosophy

Leading technology is just for better life

Corporate culture

Professional, Dedicated, People-oriented, continuous innovation


Create new value and contribute to the sustainable development of society

Justtide will continue to take corporate culture as the foundation and uphold the brand philosophy to contribute to social development and open up a new future.


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