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Terminal Management System

Intuitive terminal installed capacity and geographic location

The total installed capacity, daily growth, and terminal geographic distribution map allow decision makers to understand the overall deployment situation at a glance.

Improve the maintenance efficiency of terminal equipment

equipment real-time monitoring, corresponding alarm mechanism and all-round transaction data query. equipment fault query, automatic fault tracking processing, maintenance notification, operation evaluation, knowledge base

Flexible and diverse remote management

the management function of the software version and configuration of all devices, and can automatically collect various transaction records scattered on each terminal device, thereby improving the accuracy of the company's terminal device management.

multi-dimensional decision-making

Basic report, Statistical report, Assessment report

Case Reference

TMS to manage POS for ALLINPAY

ALLINPAY is the third largest payment operator in China. Its application fields of POS is expanding rapidly. Justtide provides ALLINPAY TMS platform to manage terminal equipment in intuitive graphic style, and through certain accumulation and analysis, it provides decision-making analysis.


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