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Retailer eCommerce Solution

Connect to More Customers

One single integration with our global payment platform connects you to markets around the world. Over 150 payment methods and currencies deliver a fully localized payment experience to customers anywhere, on any device. With our Full Service model you are able to collect those payments from around the world without the need for a local bank account or legal entity.

Maximize Conversion

Grow revenue by increasing conversion around the moment of payment. Our expert teams help you analyze and improve payments UX, better manage multiple currencies, and optimize fraud management. We will also improve authorization rates with acquirers to maximize success. All driven by industry-leading analytics and insight.

Event marketing

Activities + marketing tools provide merchants with marketing based on the customer's social relationship chain, with both interactive ability and experience, attracting more customers to participate in the merchant's marketing activities, increasing new customers, and activating old customers

One-stop solution

All kinds of terminal hardware, servers, cloud services required, the whole process is solved. Standard implementation plan or customized plan, turnkey project

Case Reference

Retailer eCommerce for NationZ

NationZ is an advanced 2.4GHZ mobile payment chip supplier. It has built a number of application scenarios to display and promote its technology. As its partner, Justtide provides an overall solution for retail e-commerce, which includes POS equipment, bulletin board, advertising push, POSP system etc.


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