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Remote Key Loading Solution

Secure RSA key loading

Justtide provides VISA-compliant RSA key management solutions, which can provide customers with the greatest security

Flexible RSA key architecture

Support 2048-bit RSA key storage and operation

TR34 multiple signature systems supported

TR34 compliance.Support multiple signature systems, no need to modify the firmware, you can choose different signature parties according to the needs of the bank Remote Key Loading with Signature

Multiple development systems

Underlying communication protocol API(Windows/ Linux/Unix) CEN/XFS, JXFS(ATM)


Case Reference

RKL solution in WINCOR EPP

Wincor is the world's leading manufacturer of ATM. Justtide provides the security core component of the whole machine-EPP. EPP adopts the RKL solution in the life cycle of manufacturing, transportation, installation, activation, maintenance, and scrap to ensure the security of the payment data.


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