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Oxigen is an Indian company whose boss and executives are all former executives of the Indian branch of well-known telecommunications companies such as MOTOROLA, SIEMENS, etc., with a deep background in telecommunications. There are many telecom operators in India, with as many as 50, each of which has different recharge services. It has its own special recharge equipment, which is very inconvenient for ordinary people to recharge. 

Oxigen innovatively proposes an aggregated recharge service to complete recharge for all telecom operators on one device, which greatly reduces the high cost of repeated deployment of multiple devices. Justtide customized the PCX000 machine for Oxigen and developed the recharge terminal software to form a recharge payment solution for India. This helped Oxigen to quickly expand its business and expand to the whole country. Oxigen developed into the largest payment service company in India in a short time.

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