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Hitachi Financial Equipment System (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an important branch of Hitachi Omron Financial Systems Co., Ltd. established in China to develop the global financial terminal business. Hitachi financial equipment has a very important position in the financial history of China and the world. In 1971, Omron (Japan) installed the world's first online ATM machine. 

In 1989, Hitachi ATMs began to be sold in China, and in 2002, Hitachi ATMs began to be sold in China. Juliana Wu was a key figure in introducing Hitachi deposit and withdrawal all-in-one machine to China before she founded Justtide. 

As the Justtide encrypting PIN pad has passed the internationally authoritative PCI security certification, and has reached cooperation with industry giants such as WINCOR and DIEBOLD, Hitachi and Justtide have entered each other's field of vision. After long-term negotiations, the most stringent product Testing, the most stringent factory and production system verification, the two parties finally shook hands and reached a strategic cooperation. This is a model of strong cooperation in the financial field.

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