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What Is Encrypted PIN Pad

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In the financial business acceptance system, part of the very important peripheral device is the Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP).


It is generally useful in the service industries like government, taxation, communication, transportation, commerce, supermarket and industry. It is also useful in the management system, banking system and POS terminal. The prime function of this Encrypted Pin Pad is password input.


The importance of EPP is great and vast however, it is essential you note that care and caution must be taken in purchasing it since these are devices that ensures the safety of your finance and other value items. Therefore, purchasing from a reputable and highly experienced manufacturer is key, as this will guaranty the service expected from your product.

 encrypted pin pad

Besides ensuring that you get the best service from your product, purchasing this device from a renowned manufacturer also ensures that you have a seamless work and security of your money.


In fact, with this, you will be sure that you are receiving absolute value for your hard earned money. As the increment in credit card and Bank card users rises, consumption will become more and more popular. This pin pad is increasingly captivate the attention of people.


The classification of EPPs is according to voice, touch, LCD, encryption, etc. The condition required for EPP in diverse industry is different, but the most improved is the touchscreen EPP.


The whole keyboard is completely replaced with the touchscreen, by this the security and peep-proof, practicality, secondary openness and other special features of EPP are greatly improved.


Main function

PINBLOCK operation, MAC algorithm, DES algorithm, the user-selectable National Encryption Board Encryption chip has some important management procedure are pre-installed.


This is the most easiest terminal to obtain key management to keep the key from being stolen during the cause of the setting process. The storing of the key internally is done through encryption means.


As long as the key inquiry part is not available, keys as well as related information data will instinctively get damaged when the disassembling of the terminal are forced

 encrypted pin pad

Major Merits of Encrypted Pin Pad

It make sure that the form taking by online transmission of password is encrypted text.


Diverse algorithm like PINBLOKCK operation, DES algorithm, MAC algorithm, the user-selectable National Encryption Board Encryption chip has some important management procedure.


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