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Justtide---Create A Better Life With Technology

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On January 1, 2021, which coincides with the New Year's Day, Justtide has arranged a team building at the coastal promenade of Shenzhen Bay Park, known as the "most beautiful bay area plank road". It is for employees to relax and better engage in the next stage of work.

Justtide---Create A Better Life With Technology 

As a professional payment terminal machine manufacturer, Justtide has always tried its best to strike a balance between work and rest.


This tour also aims to further strengthen the Justtide team and encourage every member of the Justtide family to temporarily put their worries aside, indulge and enjoy life, thereby improving their lives.

Justtide---Create A Better Life With Technology 

The destination this time is the coastal promenade of Shenzhen Bay Park. The planned length of the west section of the Sea Corridor is 6.6 kilometers, starting from the mouth of the central river at the west end of Shenzhen Bay Park in the east, and extending to the Sea World in the west, through walking system, bicycle path, seaside plank road, leisure platform, waterfront experience, theme park The organic combination of equal points, lines and surfaces provides citizens with a place for leisure activities in the sea. We recommend more friends to come here to relax.


In Justtide, you will have a different experience. There is a mind, there is tolerance, there are unexpected surprises here. Here are the loss after repeated attempts to verify, and there are also knowing smiles after customers are satisfied; here are solid steps in optimization and improvement, and there are also dominance after breakthroughs in monopoly; here, you can find a platform for talent display; Here, you can also lead the world technology trend with Justtide.


In the torrent of the network economy and digital economy, we gather together and move forward side by side to create the highlights of life in each era, new formats, new opportunities, new developments, and new lives! In 2020, we will challenge too many impossibility. We are still at the forefront of the industry, and we are proud of it. We are united! Cheers for overcoming difficulties, joy for sharing success, enthusiastic for New Year's goals, a new year and new goals.

Justtide---Create A Better Life With Technology 

Facing the sun, against the scorching sun, since the outbreak of the global epidemic, we have come all the way. I believe we will be better in 2021, and we will prove to users who choose Justtide that your choice is correct!


Every time a cocoon becomes a butterfly, it is derived from the continuous self-improvement of the enterprise; every gorgeous turn around is benefited from the hard work of you and me; every transformation and transcendence is rooted in the endowment of innovation and the entrustment of the wave of the times. Pursue dreams to achieve value, innovation to light up life.


Justtide has always adhered to the concept of being a leader in the industry, intelligently using leading technology to create a better life.


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