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Benefits Of Using EMV POS Terminals

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EMV was created by and named for Europay, Mastercards, Visa is a smart chip tech that is innovated for the global standard for debit and credit card payment operations.

EMV pos terminals include instructions like credit and debit payments, it also included some microprocessors chips that protect the store and protect the data of the cardholder. Most retailers in Europe ensure that they install an EMV package on their terminals because it is more secure and fast while transacting with EMV pos terminals.

Benefits of EMV pos terminals are listed below;

1. It secures card transaction operations

When you are using the EMV pos terminals you are ensured of utmost security to any payment transactions. The traditional pos terminals stores information's of the cardholder in a magnetic chip, normally it also allows a single swipe for transactions which means that it can be intercepted by skimmers then used for fraudulent activities.

So, EMV pos terminals stores information on a magnetic microprocessor chip and then encrypt the data to protect which makes it difficult to access the data and also very difficult to do any fraudulent activities on the terminals because they require a device that can duplicate the microprocessor chips and the encrypted data on it. It also possesses a cardholder verification process to avoid fraudulent activities which protect both the customers and the business owner.

EMV pos terminals

2. It also supports card, card-less, and also mobile transaction type

It supports more than card or chip and pin transactions, it also supports card-less transactions where the cardholder only requires tapping the card on the screen of the terminal. Whereas the card requires contact with the terminal before any transaction can be done.


This means it enables contactless and contact transactions, it is also very secure which enables fast mobile wallet payments transactions on the terminals, all that is required is swiping the mobile phone over the terminal rather than tapping or dipping the card in the EMV pos terminals.

Due to the recent trend in the mobile wallet in the tech community, EMV had to create a mobile wallet transaction on the terminal to initiate retailers and business owners to invest in a single payment operation that has multiple options for customers.

3. The EMV pos terminals can operate offline.

The EMV pos terminals can operate offline because of the magnetic chip and also some hardware package installed in it which the traditional terminals don’t have. It had been programmed to accept offline pin code generated.

It can also verify the cardholder data with its microprocessor smart chip built inside and also create a cryptogram, it promotes transaction security without involving an online connection with the banking systems.

EMV pos terminals

4. It also ensures that you don't have any issues and very easy

When you use the EMV pos terminals you are assured that no compliance will be about the decline and approval of the transaction.  If you have been declined and debited it will be reversed immediately, it very easy to operate. The features of the terminals are user-friendly.

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