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Basic Guide On Encrypting PIN Pad

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The encrypting PIN pad is one of the most outstanding tools used by many financial institutions for various kinds of safe and confidential financial transactions. This device is basically employed for carrying out credit, debit, or even smartcard related transactions, and while doing so, the identification code of the card holder is usually encrypted.

One of the most prominent aim of the encrypted pads is to ensure that the holder’s credit or debit cards are read safely. Another important feature of the encrypting PIN pad is that is gives access to clients to input their password in a safe manner where such passwords are being encrypted before they are being sent to any financial institution they are meant for.

In the same vein, the encrypting PIN pad is also design to facilitate PIN debit transactions that are hosted by various PIN networks. With such a key and critical role played by the encrypting PIN pad device, it then becomes very important to consider working with a highly proficient and professional manufacturer of this device for the best product.

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How Does Encrypting PIN Pad Work?

Encrypting PIN pads are akin the point of sale (POS) devices or other forms of payment terminals. With the PIN entry component, an encrypting PIN pad can securely read and send PIN secured to financial institutions from a credit or debit card. However, when considering the chip card, what happens in that case is that the encrypting PIN pad carries out a verification of the card using chip.

Within an encrypting PIN pad, there are hardware and software, which are the safety components of the devices, and the serve to guarantee that the passwords together with the encryption keys are easily and quickly removed in a case whereby anyone tries to gain unlawful access into the machine.

At each transaction or entry, the identification cipher is usually encoded, and then an encrypted PIN blocking code is set up to prevent any illegal intruder. Once the encrypting PIN pads delivers an encrypted PIN to the designated payment terminal or financial institution, and upon the receipt of the PIN by the receiver, the PIN block code will automatically be cancelled.

In most cases, encrypting PIN pads only permits the use of number, although a few of them provide room for alphabets alongside the numbers.

However, due to the delicate nature of the encrypting PIN pad, these devices are usually manufactured and certified to be in line with the regulation of payment and card industry. with this, it is certain that such devices will provide the much needed level of security while a transaction is being carried out right from PIN entry down to PIN encryption.

Currently, ISO9564 is the standard for the encrypting PIN pad security and management.


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